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March 2015

Another new exciting video has been made for “Burning Darkness”, check it out here

January 2015


What the f*ck is that? Yes yes yes, it’s the new cd by CONTECHED!! It’s all there in the open now, we can just talk about it, and let us tell you, it’s has become a hell of a record. And that’s not only because we’re playing on it.... ahum, well in fact it is, this is the cover:


This is what you get, when you strip down everything down to the bare essence, heavy drums, heavier bassplaying, haunting vocals and some f*cking loud guitars. It’s available through us, on an old fashioned cd, (check our our Store page). It’s also possible to download (for a modest fee) the whole album or individual tracks through Bandcamp  check it out.

This release is accompanied with a video for one of the tracks of the album, checkout Jaw.


Happy New Year!! Although I think we mentioned it before, our cd will be released soon...... It now takes only days. Keep watching this space!

December 2014

Now the cd is finished, we like to release it with a modest bang, Fred is currently working on a video to accompany at least one of the tracks, and if you wander, No! we aren’t in a hurry :-)

August 2014

All tracks are finished by now, the sorting out (which track will make it etc) has begun.  We can reveal the title though, it will be called “ESSENCE”

July 2014

Slowly but certainly, our full length takes shape. Peter is re-recording the bass parts (as we speak) and Fred is managing the production side of things. Don’t want to give away too much, but the outcome will certainly be a surprise.  

February 2014

It’s possible to buy our latest EP, check out this page

Our first lo, lo, lo, lo ...... (etc) budget video is now on You Tube, check out “Gaga Attack

It’s possible to listen/see the first track of Conteched’s new EP “Nailscraped”, go to our media page for the right link.

December 2013

Fred and Peter are currently finishing up the first CONTECHED 2.0 EP called “Nailscraped”. The tracks are already recorded and the mixing sessions are underway. Keep your eyes focused on our “Media” page!

 July 2013

Blood is Thicker than Water

After the burn-out of one of the members of Conteched, the split-up and a hiatus of more than six months, it was almost inevitable that Fred and Peter would come back together to start working again.

They burned all what’s left behind, but still using all their musical bagage of past projects, and started to work on as what’s now called: CONTECHED 2.0

CONTECHED 2.0 is reduced to Fred and Peter, who were the nucleus of the original Conteched.

They began writing material with a drastic new approach, and forced the tempi down

Although nothing is evident right now, they are confident that there will be some new material within a couple of months.

Hold on!